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Christian graphic t-shirts & Minimalist home decor

Christian graphic t-shirts & Minimalist home decor

Reminders of truth for your home & wardrobe

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new graphic tees & handmade linen flags

“Love your products! I recently purchased your Raising Little Disciples t-shirt and have never got more comments on it or where I purchased it! Such a great conversation starter and ministry opportunity!”

Ashley K.

hello, friend, and welcome.

come on in and take a deep breath.

You're doing a good job!

Every day, you pour your heart and soul into everything you do – nurturing your marriage, discipling your children, serving your community, making your home a beautiful space, and the list keeps going. 

But let’s be honest – sometimes the weight of those responsibilities suddenly overwhelms our best intentions. In an instant, we lose sight of the truth and sprint on, wondering, “Am I doing enough?” 

I see you. I’m right there with you. 

The mess of things needing to be done…
The areas I’m trying to grow in…
The unignorable brokenness of our world… 

Sometimes it all looms larger than life. 

And even though we know we can stand on the truth of God’s Word, we forget so fast.

We certainly don’t want to forget, but if we aren't careful, the solid ground of remembering God’s faithfulness seems to slip away in the busyness. And we race on without it as though it’s up to us to keep the world turning. 

Let me encourage your heart – it doesn’t have to be this way.

I want to offer you a practical, realistic way to combat forgetfulness and anchor your heart securely in truth all day long.

i'm maria.

As a mama, wife, and homemaker, I’m pulled in many directions and need something practical so I don’t forget that God is present and faithful in every detail of my life. 

So I started These Stones. I create Scripture-inspired everyday items that point me back to God’s steadfast promises all throughout the day. 

I’m not into flashy designs or bright colors. Instead, I create minimalist graphic tees and timeless home decor. They are clear signposts to steer your heart back to the true Source of peace as you navigate the unpredictable waters of your day.

thoughtfully designed with you in mind

christian graphic t-shirts and minimalist christian home decor

Take your time browsing and let your heart be drawn closer to our Lord. I pray He leads you to the green pastures of His promises. 

And to be clear – while these products are beautiful signposts to God’s truth, they’re not the ultimate solution to our stress or overwhelm. No, the solution to our problems is God Himself, 100% of the time. So use these products as practical, tangible tools to remind you to keep your eyes fixed on Him.

meaningful christian graphic t-shirts

The blend of style and substance you’ve been looking for. These Christian graphic tees aren’t your typical cheesy designs – they carry timeless elegance and relevant verses, emphasizing the powerful truth they display.

linen scripture flags

Timeless, minimalist Christian home decor that adds a beautiful reminder of God’s promises to any space.

Purposefully designed and handmade of 100% linen, these Scripture tapestries encourage you to slow down, breathe, and return to the peace offered freely to you in Christ.

printable christian wall ART

A beautiful reminder of truth in your very own home. When you fill your spaces with God’s Word, you're reminded to meditate on His promises, nourish seeds of truth within your family, and open up conversations about His faithfulness. I pray these words lead you to worshipful surrender all day long.

A Note About My

Christian Graphic T-Shirts

To protect the quality of my work and my other God-given roles, I release new graphic t-shirts just four times a year. These collections are available for a very limited time: 7-10 days or as long as supplies last. Each new collection features fresh designs and verses to keep your wardrobe stylish and your heart grounded in truth. 

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“I love wearing reminders of who God is and how He designed us to live. The stickers are also a great product to place in a spot where they’ll be seen often to remind me of truth. These Stones creates purposefully and I can get behind them as a business!”


What's the meaning

Behind “These Stones?” 

I’m glad you asked! It’s the heartbeat of my business, so it’s pretty important.

In the Old Testament, God instructed the Israelites to set up piles of stones as memorials. He did this after delivering them from their enemies so they wouldn’t forget who He was and what He did for them. 

When future generations saw the memorials and asked, “What do these stones mean?” everyone would remember and retell stories of God’s faithfulness in their darkest days. 

And even though we don’t live in the Old Testament anymore, we still forget. 

I pray my Scripture-based products become modern-day “stones” throughout homes all across America – calling to mind God’s unwavering character as we navigate ever-changing circumstances. Each product nudges us to pause, remember, and turn our hearts toward Him in worship and surrender. 

You’ll find a variety of meaningful products here – from comfy graphic t-shirts to stickers to minimalist wall art to thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. I carefully design each one with God’s Word front and center because I know firsthand the power He holds to change lives. 

“I love wearing the scriptures that redirect me to God and His rock-solid promises.”

teresa g.

Are These stones' Christian Graphic T-Shirts & home Decor Right For You? 

I get it. The internet is packed with wonderful Christian shops selling tees and trinkets. So how do you know which one to choose? Let's talk about this for a minute. Do you… 

  • prefer subtle, minimalist designs over bright and flashy ones?
  • appreciate elegant beauty that brings a sense of calm and serenity?
  • desire to live faithfully following Jesus and raise your children to do the same?
  • ever feel overwhelmed and disorganized as a mother, wife, or homemaker?
  • sometimes lose sight of God’s goodness and faithfulness sustaining you?
  • need practical, tangible reminders of truth to guard and ground your heart?
  • long to make your home a sanctuary of truth?
  • want to give a friend something meaningful, heartfelt, and long-lasting?

If you relate to any one of these points, then you’re exactly where you need to be, my friend! 

God’s Word is powerful and active in any form, and These Stones specializes in sharing it in a minimalist and meaningful way. I pray these products help point your heart and home to the beauty and calm of God’s presence. 

I’m on this journey with you, through the victories and difficulties. Let’s be proactive in combating forgetfulness and set memorials of God’s goodness in front of our eyes.

meet the bestsellers

Take a look at some of my most-loved products! 


Ephesians Linen Flag

A definite favorite, this handmade linen flag is a comforting and powerful prayer to display in your home. I pray these verses daily for my children, and my flag hangs in a prominent spot in our home where they can see it often. I hope this flag points you back to God’s unshakeable love every moment of your day.


"What Am I Loving Most?" Sticker

This cute reminder carries a punch. It challenges me to recognize what’s actually receiving my devotion in a given moment. My customers love that it reminds them to realign their commitment to the Lord and the roles He’s entrusted to them. This simple, yet powerful sticker is perfect for your planner, journal, laptop, or water bottle.

designed to encourage

note cards

What better way to love a friend than to remind them of God’s truth? Whether you’re sending a note of encouragement, gratitude, sympathy, or simply saying hello, I’ve got you covered. My notecard designs carry beautiful, timeless truth to encourage your friend's heart.

join me behind the scenes

I’d like to invite you into the heart and soul of my creative process! As you follow along, I pray God’s words impact your life as profoundly as they do mine through the ins and outs of daily life. Follow along on Instagram to see my products come to life!

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